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 Child Support - Shouldn't the other parent help YOU with the cost of rasing your child?

So, you've had a child with your significant other.  Congratulations! 

Then the unexpected happens and they've left.  Sure, they agreed (or were told in court) how much they were going to pay to help raise the child you had together, the child you're now rasing on your own.  However, now it's been months since you've seen a dime.

From day care to weekly groceries, the cost of rasing a child has climbed.  It will cost an estimated $241,080 for a middle-income couple to raise a child born in 2012 for 18 years, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released in 2013. That's up almost 3% from 2011 and doesn't even include the cost of college1.  That's a lot of money needed!

Can we guarantee your ex will pay their fair share? No, of course not.  However, we may be able to give you the evidence needed to help your case prove that your ex is actually making the money they claim they're not.  This is another case that is best worked in conjunction with your attorney; and we can help get the information to help your court case.  Call us at (239) 300-0892 or contact us HERE.


1 Average cost to raise a kid: $241,080, CNN 8/14/2013