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K9 Drug Detection Services

Zeus trunk 11 3 17


11-03-17 - Soooo... is this what I can expect doing a search for drugs????  

Zeus relaxing in chair 10 23 17

10/23/17 - Just relaxing after a long busy day in the office... taking naps and saying hi to all the neat folks that visit us!

Zeus bullet dog tag 10 13 17


10/13/17 - I just got my new "dog tag" today; a cool .45 Auto round with my name engraved on it!  Man, I gotta say that my partner has a cool truck for me to ride in too! I love my ride to our office every day.


10/4/17 - Had some vaccinations earlier this week, and just got my microchip.... Put me in Coach; I'm ready to work!

Naples Private Investigator PI Detective K9 drug detection

Naples Private Investigator Detective narcotics detection k9

Hi! I'm the newest Investigator at Investigative Tactics!! I just turned 8 weeks old last Friday (10/29/17) and came to my forever home just yesterday! Jaeger and Fable, my dad and mom, come from a long line of purebred “working” German Shepherds, so I'm told I come from good stock.

I've met a ton of fun folks around the office, and my partner says I'm already doing great with the beginning of my basic training! He told me that if I continue doing well with my basic training, he'll train me for some better stuff! He said that if I study real hard, and do good on my tests, I may be able help families and others determine if there may be a problem with DRUGS at their home or in their cars … that’s good because then dads and moms can get help for their kids! My partner also said that maybe I could help companies see if any drugs are at their offices or company vehicles… that may help them with their Drug Free Workplace policies, or even help them find a problem they think they may have…

WOW!... I really want to help these people; I better make sure I study hard and practice real good!

If you want to learn more, give my partner a call! I'll ask him and my new mom to post more pics of me as I learn new stuff!